Who is V & G?

Vura GÖKÇAYLI l, today, the designer who best represent Turkey biridir.Hatta Haute-Couture, Haute-Couture'ünün the golden age of French in France, the only Turkish designer is making its first steps.

STARTS WITH LOVE FASHION VURAL GÖKÇAYLI'nın a very young age her mother, NEZAHAT GÖKÇAYLI sample of women in the Republican. Plants and Mrs. Jacques FATH'tan for marriage and the modernity of the giyer.Şıklığı a tayör, GÖKÇAYLI'yı atmıştır.Her a very young age children to the world of fashion, playing with his toys, GÖKÇAYLI, his mother's curtains cut would dress their babies. This passion, years of high school resumes.

GÖKÇAYLI studying Italian high school, when you draw your girlfriends dress, a professor is caught and punished by Ottone. However, the ability Noticing the professor, GÖKÇAYLI'yı called his office after a month, read the recommended design is to go to Italy, and her excitement.