Today  Vural GÖKÇAYLI is one of the best representatives of the Haute-Couture in Turkey. In the Golden age of French Haute-Couture he was the only Turkish fashion designer in France. His love of fashion started at an early age and his mother Nezahat GÖKÇAYLI was an excellent example of the modern Turkish woman. For her own wedding she wore an outfit from Jacques Fath. His mother’s modern and elegant style showed GÖKÇAYLI, at a very young age  the  world of fashion.

When children were playing with their toys GÖKÇAYLI would cut up his mother’s curtains and fashion clothes for dolls. This passion carried on to his teenage years. Studying at the Italian Lycee and designing dresses for girlfriends he was caught by Prof. OTTONE and punished. However seeing his ability Prof. OTTONE called him to his office, after a month and adviced him to go to Italy and study design which gave  him  great  encouragement.

President KORUTÜRK and his wife  recommended  to  the  Cultural Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for GÖKÇAYLI to be appointed as fine arts  representitive in Brussels. GÖKÇAYLI put on fashion show in Brussels at the Turkish Embassy, Nato and the Common Market Venues. These events created press interest and the Begium television invited him for an interview. At the interview the first question asked was-Are you really Turkish? feeling rather offered GÖKÇAYLI said_Why- the interviewer said-we didn’t think Turks were very creative, do you get your inspiration  from West?  Vural GÖKÇAYLI talks about French Haute-Couture and  Anatolian civilizations.